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Iplay two types of bagpipes; the Scottish Highland bagpipes and the Irish Uilleann (pronounced “Ih-len”) pipes. Both instruments may sound similar, but they are very different when heard in person. The Highland bagpipes are very boisterous and best suited for outdoor or very large interior venues, such as a church or grand hall. The Uilleann pipes are a much quieter instrument, and is best suited for smaller venues, but can be featured on stage or amplified for a larger setting.

Highland Bagpipes • “Glasgow City Police”

Irish Uilleann Pipes • “The Kesh Jig”


The following music samples are suggested tunes for various occasions. I’ve broken these down into categories that best represent the type of music for a particular occasion.


“The Highland Cathedral”


“The Skye Boat Song”

“The Highland Wedding”

“Green Hills of Tyrol”

“Mairi’s Wedding”

“Scotland the Brave”

—Memorial Services—

“Amazing Grace”

“The Skye Boat Song”

“Flowers of the Forest”

“The Dark Isle”

“Oh, Danny Boy”

“Going Home” (Dvořák)

“The Highland Cathedral”

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