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I can’t say that music is my only passion. Ever since I was a kid, I was astounded by magic and wanted to be one of “those guys” who could perform astonishing feats of prestidigitation, sometimes inches from a spectator’s eyes.

Most of my magic performing is close-up; cards, coins, small props and some parlour work as well. As a member of the Magic Castle© in Hollywood, I’ve have performed before hundreds of people, down to a intimate close-up setting. At the Castle, I’ve met and have been associated with the greatest names in magic of all time.

I do specialize in “strolling magic,” such as at a restaurant, a bar, or reception. I’ll move from table to table and “take up the slack” while folks are waiting for their drinks, food, etc. One of my favourite hang-outs is Phil Trani’s Fine Food and Spirits in the city of Long Beach. Come by some Saturday night, and you might just see me!

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