Believe it or not, there are literally thousands of bagpipe tunes. To make it easier for you, I’ve narrowed the selections down to the few options on this page. If there is a special tune that you would like, it is usually no problem for me to learn the tune, provided that I can research the music, OR if there is a tape or CD that you may have available of the tune.
The tunes listed below link to midi files. In the interest of downloading time, they are the best source and representation of what the tune will sound like. Clicking on the name of the tune should launch a media player on your system. If a media player does not launch on your system, you may need to download QuickTime.

Corriechollies (pronounced Kor-a-Holies)
The Highland Cathedral
The Skye Boat Song
The Green Hills of Tyrol (a.k.a. the Scottish Soldier)
Mairi’s Wedding
Gary Owen
The Crags of Tumbledown Mountain
Scotland the Brave

Memorial Services:
Amazing Grace*
Danny Boy
The Flowers of the Forest
Goin’ Home
The Piper’s Waltz
The Skye Boat Song

Up Beat Tunes and Dances:
Cork Hill
Bonny Dundee
The Barren Rocks of Aden
Glasgow City Police
Sandy’s New Chanter
Orange and Blue

*These tunes are the most recognizable on the instrument. When you think about bagpipes, these are the tunes with which you most likely will associate them.

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